please give me the summary of the poem 'felling of the banyan tree' by dilip chitre

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The Poet himself is the narrater where in he compare the felling of tree with the slaughtering of an animal. He begins the poem saying that his father had asked the tenants to live the place and he demolishes the structure living the trees and the poets house. the poets grandmother used to say that trees are sacred but the poet's father did not heed to her words and had massacred the trees. First the sheoga, Oudumber and Neem were cut down at last was the turn of the banyan tree which stood their for about two hundred years. First the branches were cut later fifty men chopped the massive trunk and the rings on the tree projected its age. Soon after this the family left Baroda for Bombay and their were no trees except the one which grows and seethes in dreams and its roots are striving to touch the ground. The poem shows the poets love for nature.
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What is the meaning of the felling of the banyan tree summary
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