please give points on fluid mosaic model ! 

Here are some important points regarding the fluid mosaic model of the plasma membrane-

The structure of plasma membrane was proposed by Singer and Nicolson in 1972. It is widely accepted as fluid mosaic model. According to this model-

  • Cell membrane is composed of a lipid bilayer, with a polar head towards the outer side, and hydrophobic tails towards the inner side. So, the non-polar,  hydrophobic tail is protected from aqueous environment.
  • Proteins and carbohydrates are also present in the membrane.
  • Membrane proteins can be integral (lying buried in the membrane) or peripheral (lying on the surface of the membrane).
  • Fluid mosaic model  shows  the quasi-fluid nature of lipids enables lateral movement of proteins within the bilayer.
  • Fluidity is the measure of the ability of the membrane to allow movement within itself.
  • Fluid nature of the membrane is important for cell division, cell growth, the formation of intercellular junctions, secretion and endocytosis.




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A model conceived by S.J. Singer and Garth Nicolson in 1972 to describe the structural features of biological membranes.

According to the fluid mosaic model, our cell membrane is a double membrane of phospho lipid molecules. Proteins are embedded in this layer. Cholesterol is also an important compone of this membrane.

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