Please give summary of this poem

Please give summary of this poem This poem the • and dreaming pla.v•s Summer fading. Winter corncs Frosty mornings. ttngllttg thumbs. Window robins, winter rooks. And (he picture story-books'. Water now is turned to stone Nurse and I can walk upon; Still we find the flowing brookS In the picture story-books. All the pretty things put by, Wait upon the children's eye, Sheep and shepherds, trees and In the picture story-books. We may see how all things are Seas and cities, near and far, And the flying fairies' looks, In the picture story-books. How am I to sing your praise, Happy chimney-corner days, Sitting safe in nursery nooks, Reading picture story-books? —R L Stevensvn • About the Poet tingling: ttUtsc: a crooks: loti* shepherds I chit by a lat*e open apart tot

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In this poem the poet Robert Louis Stevenson describes the joy of children in picture books. When the valleys are filled with winter snow and the children have no where to go and play...they find joy in reading about far lands , big cities ,sparkling faries...etc in their colourful picture books.They spend their evenings by reading those books.The picture books takes them away from the dull winters to different enchanted lands..
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