Please give the 10 marks answer A voyage to Lilliput mentions many funny situations based on the reading of your text describe some of them

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Gulliver had an adventurous voyage to Lilliput. In addition to this, his stay at this place was also filled with surprise and shock. Some of the reasons for this are as follows. These add to the humour.
  • Gulliver's ship, the Antelope gets involved in a violent storm in the East Indies. He and six crew members row a boat to escape. They die and Gulliver swims to shore. When he wakes from sleep he finds himself tied with pieces of thread. He feels something moving over his body. He is surprised to see little people climb his body. He had reached the land of Lilliputs.    
  •  Lilliputians write “aslant, from one corner of the paper to the other.”
  • They also hold a strange belief that all the dead people shall resurrect one day, and the earth being flat will turn upside down. Therefore, they bury their dead ones with their head downwards so that after their resurrection, they may rise with their feet on the ground.
  • Gulliver is imprisoned by the tiny mortals because they are scared of him.
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