Please give the answer which is mention in the page:

Q 38. The reaction H2+CI2     2HCI is a-
(A) Decomposition reaction.
(B) Combination reaction.
(C) Double displacement reaction.
(D) Displacement reaction.

Q 39 Which of the following is a combustion react-
(A) Boilding of water.
(B) Melting of wax
(C) Burning of petrol.
(D) None of these.


The solution is as follows:

Answer 38:

The correct option is (B) Combination reaction.

The reaction is as follows:

    H2(g) + Cl2(g) 2 HCl(g)

Answer 39:

The correct option is (C) Burning of petrol.

Melting of wax and boiling of water are physcial changes.

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