1. Please give the nouns formed from these words:
  1. ugly,
  2. cruel,
  3. determined,
  4. ignorant,
  5. brutal
  6. horrified,
  7. hungry,
  8. mixed.
  1. Please give meanings of the phrases and then make minimum one sentence of those phrases for one meaning:
  1. heart full of pity
  2. one by one
  3. his full share
  4. used to it
  5. in a solemn voice (you may use another adjective for ‘solemn’)
  6. took their places.

Dear Experts pl;ease answer.

  1. ugly-- ugliness
  2. cruel--cruelty
  3. determined--determination
  4. ignorant-- ignorance
  5. brutal--brutality
  6. horrified-- horror
  7. hungry--hunger
  8. mixed-- mixture
  1. heart full of pity-- A very generous person.  Mr Sharma has a heart full of pity for the poor.
  2. one by one-- one after the other    One by one all the students left the auditorium
  3. his full share--his complete share    John should get his full share of appreciation.
  4. used to it-- being used to something  I am used to solving the problems of my sister
  5. in a solemn voice-- in a formal and dignified voice   Harry announced the death of Jim in a solemn voice.
  6. took their places-- sat down    After everyone took their places, the president started his speech

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