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 please give the summary of Diary of a Young Girl 


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We will soon be uploading the study material of the novel. Thank you for being patient.

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 Anne Frank receives a diary as a gift on her 13th birthday to which she gives the name "kitty" and assumes it as her friend. She decides to write everything in the diary which she couldn’t express to anyone because she had no friend so close to her that she could share her every thought from her/him. Her diary begins on 12th June 1942, with the Quotation-"I hope that I will be able to confide everything to you as I have never been able to confide in anyone and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support."In the beginning of the diary she has introduced her classmates and described her family life. Their daily life is quite good and they live happily. One day when she was taking a stroll with her father , he told her that they need to go into the hiding to escape from the German army. After a few days of the incident, her sister ,Margot Frank and her father ,Otto Frank ,receive a call-up notice from the Nazi police which at that time indirectly meant a death notice . They decide to go into the hiding -The Secret Annex, soon, which was also Mr. Franks business place and was a three storied building .A sliding bookcase served as a door to the annex. They pack up all the necessary things and go into the hiding. They are accompanied by Mr. Van Daan ,Otto Franks co-worker and his family, which comprises his wife ,Mrs. Van Daan and their son ,Peter , who was 16 years old and was a very shy and obnoxious boy. They are later joined by Mr.Dussel, a Jewish dentist, in the month of November; 1942.Life in the hiding is quite difficult for its members. There are frequent frictions between the members on different matters. There are also certain rules which they have to follow everyday like- they can only whisper, cannot run water and cannot move around during the day to avoid any sort of suspicion. They had to be totally conscious all the time for even a single mistake could lead them to death. They always live in fear. Even a single noise from the below causes a lot of distress in the annex. One day Anne 's father falls ill and they cannot even call a doctor because they are in the hiding.Everyday, they to listen to the radio in Otto Frank’s office after 6 p.m., to keep up with the current situations of the war. There are four people who work in Otto Frank 's office -Miep Gies, Mr.Kugler, Mr.Kleiman and Vep Voskuijl .All of them help the people in the hiding by bringing foodstuffs, reading materials and all other necessary things from the black market. In her diary Anne describes herself as a very active, cheerful and talkative girl .She longs to go out of the hiding and take in fresh air and live freely, together with love and care and she also hopes that the war will soon get over and they will be free. She is very optimistic and always hopes for a better future and believes that everyone is good at heart. At the same time she fears that their hiding place will be revealed and all the people in the hiding will be shot to death. She does not get along with her mother quite well. She complains that her mother always criticizes her and does not like her at all. She is also jealous of her sister who is always praised by everyone. She fells that she is snubbed every time by everyone and feels very lonely due to which she often ends up in tears. According to her, the only one who understands her well is her father. One day she reads a book based on puberty and she longs to have her first period tells her mother about it .Every night the military vehicles hunted for Jews. Many of their friends are taken to the concentration camps and finally to the gas chambers where they are brutally killed. Men, women and children- their guns did not discriminate. Anne considers herself and the others in the hiding, fortunate for they were safe from the Nazis, there. But she feels bad for her innocent friends and all the others who were knocked to death just because they were Jews. Although life in the hiding is not comfortable, still the members try to be cheerful and happy. While in the hiding, she starts loving Peter. They often talk to each other and help each other but later she gives up concluding that the love was not genuine and after her father asks her to stop the affair. Her diary ends on 1st August 1944. On 4th August, 1944, all the members in the hiding were arrested by the German army. 


She wrote the diary to keep it personal but one day when she heard in a radio broadcast that letters and diaries that gave accounts of the sufferings of the Dutch could be published after the end of war, she edited her diary and finally she came up with the diary that has taken millions of hearts in its flow and remains one of the best and the most gripping book of the human history. She wanted to become a great writer and journalist and she has. 

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any way thanx u gave the ans first

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