please guys speech on fuuny incident oh my life abot 150 words - very very urgent pl help

This question is to test the creative potential of a student. Please make use of the following points to make your own reported speech. 

Funny incident of my life

>Speak about any funny incident of your life
>Say how you found it funny.

For example, suppose you went to school on a holiday. Imagine the situation. First write a paragraph on the incident as it happened. Then conclude by saying how/why you felt it was funny, i.e. I found it funny because I went to school in time on a Sunday, when I could have slept till late in the morning. 

Remember, a funny incident does not involve anyone getting hurt or insulted. The incident, when remembered should only make you laugh.

Hope you find this useful. Best.

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when i was in class 4, i loved to eat sweets especially ladoos. My father used to bring me ladoos every night so that i could eat it after dinner. One day, my father had brought ladoos but i slept without eating them. I got a dream that my sister was shoving me away and eating away all the ladoos. I got angry on her and started beating her. I heard a man shouting. Whwn i woke up, I realised that i was beating my father while I was dreaming.

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