please help in queaton 67,68,69

please help in queaton 67,68,69 67. lfa few drops ofa (a) Wash the hand with saline solution (b) Wash 'be hand immediately will. plenty of water of hydl openc.cubona te (c) Aner washing with plenty of water apply solution of sodnun hydrox& on (d) Neutralise the acid with a strong alkali 68. Sodium hydrogencarbonate when added to acetic acid evolves a gas of following stateuw•nts are true about the gas evolved? (1) It turns line water milky (i) It extinguishes a buming splinter (iii) It dissolves in a solution of sodium hydroxide (iv) It has a pungent odour (a) (D and (ii) (b) (i), (h) and (iii) (c) (iii) and (iv) (d) (1) and (iv) 69. Common salt besides being used in kitclrn also used as tbe raw unterial fol uukmg washing soda e bleaching powder (iil) baking soda (iv) slaked line (a) (O and (ii) (b) (D, (h) and (iv) (c) (1) and (in) (d) (iii) and (iv) 70. 01k of coustitueuts of baking powder is sodinn hy&ogen carbouate, Other constituent (a byüochhrk tan ark acid

Dear student ,
(67) The correct option  is option (b)
  Reason :  on adding water acid will be diluted 
      NaHCO3  +  HCl   NaCl  +  H2O   +  CO2
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