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When the plant cells are placed in the salt solution, there is a higher concentration of water molecules in the cell and a lower concentration of water in the salt solution and thus a concentration gradient has been set up. Therefore, water moves out of the cell across the partially permeable membrane by osmosis and the cell becomes flaccid as the cell membrane peels away from the cell wall. Contrastingly, when the plant cells are placed in distilled water, the concentration of water molecules is greater out of the cell than it is in the cell and therefore water moves into the cell by osmosis down the concentration gradient. The cell membrane is now pressed up against the cell wall and the cell is said to be turgid.

So option II and IV is correct.
So option B is correct.


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1st is also correct, cell will regain it's shape slowly
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The answer is D
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In a hypotonic solution, the solution in which the cell is kept is concentrated whereas the cell is not, so to equalize the concentration between the cell and the solution, the cell will take in the concentrated solution. This will cause the cell to swell up . And when you put that cell in freshwater, the cell will lose the concentration and will eventually return to it's original shape
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