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date of preparation: march 31, 1998

balance as per cash book 12580

i) cheque amounting to rs. 18000 were drawn on 25th march of which cheques of rs. 4800 were cashed before 31st march.

ii) out of cheques received and entered in bank column of cash book for rs. 18000; rs. 16000 sent to bank but passbook recorded rs. 6200 after date.

iii) an amount of rs. 5000 paid directly by customer in bank , not entered in cash book

iv) the bank erroneously debited gopal 's a/c for a cheque of rs. 1700

v) on 31st march, cash was deposited into bank rs. 12720 but cashier debited the bank a/c with rs. 12270 by mistake.

vi) dividend collected by bank on our behalf rs. 570 does not appear in the cash book

vii) rs. 300 is entered in bank statement as bank charges. this was recorded as rs. 200 in the cash book.

Bank Reconciliation Statement 

as on March 31,1998

S. No.


Plus Items


Minus Items



Balance as per the Cash Book




18,000 were drawn but only 4,800 were encashed till Mar.31




Out of Cheques of Rs 18000, Rs 16,000 were sent to bank but bank credited 6,200 after date [6,200 + (18,000 – 16,000)]






Amount directly deposited by customer in bank




Bank wrongly debited Gopal’ A/c




Wrong debit aof amount in the Pass Book (12,720 + 12,270)




Dividend Collected by bank not entered in Cash Book




Short credit amount of Bank Charges in Cash Book




Balance as per the Pass Book












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