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Children brought some balloons each of 2 litre capacity to a chemist and asked him to fill them with hydrogen gas.The chemist possessed an 8 litre cylinder containing hydrogen at 10 atm pressure at room temperature. how many balloons could he fill with hydrogen gas at normal atmospheric pressure at the same temperature.

Initial pressure in the cylinder P = 10 atm.
Initial volume in the cylinder V = 8 L.
Final pressure in the balloons P′ = 1 atm.
Final volume in the balloons V′ = ??
PV=P′V′ at same temperature
 10 atm × 8 L = 1 atm ×V′
V′= 80 L
The number of balloons ( each of 2 litre capacity ) that he could fill = 2 L 80 L​=40
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