Please help me answer this question expertsss

Please help me answer this question expertsss whicharethe states indicated by A and B? by the C when it • explainspecificheat capacity and latent heat by identifying them. Learni an iron block, each of mass 1 kg, which are temeFratux. are heated to 3000C.( Specific heat capacity : Copper kgK, iron 460 J,'kgK, Water.4200 J/kgK) (a) Wlutismeantbytheterm'specificheatcapacity?• P (b) Which Ofthesehaslhe higher amountofenergy after heating? (c) Animn block is immersed into I kg water at 300C and is Stirred. By how tlrtetnperature of water rise up? (in •C) C Store : 4 Time 8 miNJte Learni Outcome: Able to explain heat anftemperature (4) 61. ofuater

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3 a) Specific heat capacity of a substance is defined as the amount of heat needed to change the temperature of 1g of substance by 1oC. 
b) Water has higher amount of energy after heating. It is because it has high high specific heat capacity. ​​​​
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