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The solution is correct due to the following reasons-
  • India observes Standard Time (GMT + 5:30) same being applied to Kolkata.
  • The local time in Bangladesh is six hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+6:00) same being applied to Dhaka.
  • As a result, we can observe that there is a time difference of 30 minutes between Kolkata and Dhaka according to Standard time.
  • The lengthwise dimensions of these countries account for the variation. There is a 4-minute lag between each longitude.
  • The meridian of 82.5 degrees East is used to determine IST, India Standard Time (which is in UP). Based on 90.00 degrees of East longitude, BST (Bangladesh Standard Time) is determined.
  • Thus, if we use a time difference of 4 minutes per longitude to compute the time difference between two locations.The time difference between IST and BST is as follows:-
  • 90.00 - 82.50 = 7.50.

    7.50×4 = 30, So the time difference is 30 mins.

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