Please help me I will send you chocolates

Please help me I will send you chocolates •r, •t is to rain for three days, 0 fia in blanks with the kind of nouns mentioned within brackets. cr.den planted - We in the Do you drink enough 1 want any — s Saria Mirza has won many Two in the neighbot.rt•ood. that plants give out. (uncountable) during summer? (uncountable) in my tea. (uncountable) - (countable) — _ can play this game. (countable) O Read these sentences. Put a tick wherever the is correctly and a cross wherever it is placed incorrectly. 1, | am not in the mood for a game. R is essential that young children get plenty of sleep. - know what is the symbol of

Dear student, E: The answers are as follows: (1) Trees (2) Oxygen (3) Water (4) Sugar (5) Matches (6) Players To obtain assistance on the remaining queries, we would request you to kindly post them in separate threads. Regards

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