Please help me in solving these numerical

Please help me in solving these numerical a, the volume of oxygen at required the complete combustion of 100 litres oi carbon mono.ude at the same temperature and pressure 2C0 + 02 —i 2C0, of hydrogen and 1 50 cmJ of oxygen are and Ignited. as per following reaction. 2H2 21120 volume of oxygen remains unreacted ? g. 24 ccMarshgas (CHO was mixed with 106cc oxygen aml then exploded. On cooling. the volume of the mixture S2 cc. of which. 58 cc was unchanged oxygen. law does this experiment support? Explain wuh volume of oxygen would be required to burn completely 400 mL of acetylene (C2H,) ? Also. calculae volume of carbon dioxide formed. 2C„H2+ 502 -i 4C02 + 2H20 (0 7. with to produce HCl(g) and sulphur(s). Write a balanced

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