please help me on this topic "Make simple games with magnets" i need it for standard 6 Project fast please!!!

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These games can be used by using magnets:

Attach bar magnets to the fronts of small toy cars with masking tape.
Make sure that the magnets are attached, so that some will repel and some will attract.
Let children play with the cars. Ask them to roll two cars toward each other. The magnets will repel and attract and this will be an interesting game.

Children will need to take turns with this activity.
Draw a simple race track on a sheet of thin cardboard.Glue a strong magnet to the bottom of a toy car.Place the car on top of the race track.Hold a magnet underneath the cardboard, directly below the car.Slowly move the magnet along the bottom of the cardboard to make the car move.Race the car around the track as fast as you can without running off the track.  

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i have two activity - 
suspend a bar magnet freely using a copper wire stirrup . Slowly bring the north pole of another bar magnet near the north pole of the suspend magnet . Do the two poles attract or repel each other . Now bring the north pole of magnet B near the south pole of the suspended magnet . represent the experiment with the south pole of magnet B. This represents repulsion and attraction of magnets

Place the magnet in a stirrup made of copper wire and suspend the stirrup using a thread . Another method is o place the magnet on a cork and float the cork in a trough of water . Make sure that there is no magnet or magnetic material placed nearby . This represents methods of suspending a magnet freely

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you have to do this yourself
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make a doll of clay then keep it inside a tissue paper box and then at top of the tissue paper box inside keep a magnet and on the dolls head and then stick the magnets at places. the magnet is now making the doll stand and is rotating.i hope u enjoyed making it
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