Please help me to solve Q no. 6 i.)

Please help me to solve Q no. 6 i.) b. India must reduce poverty if it has to become a Economic Superpower. Q5."All statistics are data but all data are not statistics". Explain the statement. Q6 i) Suppose the initial demand was 100 units. With the rise in price by Rs 5, the quantity demanded decreases by 5 units. Elasticity of demand is 1.2. Find Out the price before the change in demand. ii) State whether the following goods are relatively elastic or inelastic. Give reasons for your answer. (a) Gold Practical Book Ch-l — Introduction to Maps (b)sait Geography History Sociology in the big interleaf horizontal sheets write the marked portion from Ch-l under given heading and subheading. Diagrams are to be done in the adjacent pages for Measurement of Area (Graph) Measurement of Distance (Map Of India) Determining Direction A) Proiect based on any one chapter of Term 1 vill. 'X. Project — Ribbon File Cover page — decoration related to topic First Page — Name, class, section, roll No. Second page — Acknowledgement Contents Introduction Topic (Not more than 6 pager) with relevant pictures Conclusion Bibliography Make a Hypothetical Research Design on any topic of your choice.

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