please help me to write a dialog between my mother and a vegtable seller ??????

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, you may continue with the following set of dialogues:

Mother: What is the price for these onions?

Veg. seller: Rs 75 per kg ma'am.

Mother: Oh my God! Why are the onions so costly?

Veg. seller: What can I say ma'am, this is the rate at which we are getting it. Due to some reason the crop was spoilt and therefore the supply decreased.

Mother: That's really bad! You must be facing the consequences too.

Veg. seller: Yes ma'am. Our family has stopped using onions as it was going out of our budget.

Mother: I can very well understand that. Anyway, give me 2 kg onions, 1 kg potatoes and some lemons.

Veg. seller: Alright ma,am.

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