Please help me to write an essay on 'ROLE OF STUDENTS ON COMMUNAL HARMONY"


@Sruti, your friend Monisha has given a very nice reply. Hope that fulfilled your query.

@Monisha, keep it up! Nice spirit of helping your fellow mates!

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  •  In harmony today, thats not easy to find, in my neighbour hood, most are not in harmony with the adults, not all of course, but an age gap just causes problems automatically. Hopefully the youth will learn from the older generation, especially a thing called respect for others, and the golden rule.


  • Start trends - open doors for people, say," Thank You" and "Please" - diplomacy is the oil that lubricates human interaction.


  • Cut the lawn or shovel the snow for an elderly or infirm neighbour.


  • If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them - bullies are cowards and they will retreat when the odds are against them.


  • Don't gossip.


  • Obey the laws - they are the elements of the social contract between people. Little laws matter as well.


  • Participate in your local government - attend council meetings - you can't fix what's wrong in your community if you don't know it's happening.


  • Start a blog chronicling what you're doing and what responses you've had - other people may read it and decide to copy you.


  • Practice aggressive equality - Everyone, regardless of colour or religion if first and foremost a PERSON, a human being. Approach them in that way and you cannot go far wrong. Speak out against racism. Refute labels.


  • Remember - it's a huge nation/world. You're not responsible to clean all of it up. Just improve your local area and let others improve theirs.
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