Please help me with the following sentences:-

1.My heart is too full for words(put so...that)  2.The shirt is too small for me(put so...that)

3.It is better to starve than to beg(change degree of comparison)  4. He loves all his sons equally well.(change degree of comparison)  5.All desire wealth and some acquire it.(change to passive form)  6.Do you not understand my meaning?(change to passive form)  7.Macbeth hoped to succeed Duncan.(change to passive form)   8.A king may be looked at by a cat(change to active form)  9.He was arrested on a charge of theft, but for lack of evidence he was released(Change to active form)  10.Harsh sentences were pronounced on the offenders(change to active voice)

hi.....sentences are-

1-My heart is so full that it cannot contain words.

2-The shirt is so small that i cannot wear it.

3-To beg is not as good as to starve(positive degree)


5-Wealth is desired by all but some acquire it.

6-Does my meaning is been understood by you?

7-Duncan was hoped to be succeeded by Macbeth

8-A cat may look at a king.

9-They arrested him on a charge of theft,but released him for lack of evidence.

10-They pronounced harsh sentences on the offenders..

I hope it helps you....a thumps up plzz..guys....!!!

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@radihka-i think it is has my meaning been ...

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It is truly athumbs up question 
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my heart is so full that it cannot express in words
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my shirt is so small that i cannot wear it
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1.My heart is so full that it cannot contain words.
2.The shirt is so small that I cannot wear it
3. It is best to starve than beg
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