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Dear student,

Tuesday, 11th October 2018,

9:30 pm

Dear Diary,
Today is one of the happiest days of my life. I feel so accomplished at having undertaken a big challenge. As mentioned in the previous days, I was busy teaching a child to read and write as a part of Each One Teach One programme . She wanted to master the arithmetic and independently read everything that she could lay her hands on. She was a careful and attentive learner, patiently memorising all what I taught her. She gave me a gift of a dress material as a token of gratitude. The most unexpected thing happened soon after that, she bent down and touched my feet as a sign of respect to her teacher. My eyes were teary and I felt like I achieved the biggest goal of life. Satisfied and energised, I am going to bed this night with a determination and a strong will power to help one achieve one's goals in life. 



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the Neolithic people of _____________ grew cotton
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