please help me write a dairy entry on -image you are participating in the elocution competition write your feelings when you when on the stage


Dear Diary
Today turned out to be the most memorable day of life. I had an elocution competition in school . I had been preparing hard for it. But as the day approached, I started getting nervous. When my name was called out, I thought as if I had forgotten everything and as soon as I stepped on  the stage, I went blank. I had no words to speak. Just then, I remembered some golden words told by my mother. I took a deep breath and felt better. I started off and this time there was no looking back. I spoke from the heart and everyone appreciated and applauded my performance. I even won the best speaker award. I would really cherish the memories of this day forever.


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The format of diary entry is

Day Time


Dear Diary


Have a nice day/Good Night



Best of luck for your exams

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