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Please help me (A) Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verbs in the bracket, Practice EHERCIS Raman ...........„.. (likes/like)catching neMus1ims................„. 1. I. 3. 4. (B) (trace/" travel) He usually _ by car. The family „ „ . [goes/ go) tochurch every Sunday. (bury/buries) their dead. Change the following sentences into their Kar she Why negative form. 1. itrains heavily in our state. 2. Suresh behaves politely with ev eryone. 3. know his address. (C) Change the following sentences into the Interrogative (question) form. I. Amar writes bea utiful l*jems. (F) The Rewrite Tin a. 4. (G) Writ items

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