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(a) Yes, the decision made by the court is true because the liability of all the members of the Hindu undivided family business is limited to the extent of there shares in the business. But the liability of karta is not limited, Karta has to pay the debt of business from his personal assets or property.

(b) Features of HUF business are as follows:
1. For joint Hindu family business, there should be at least two members in the family and ancestral property to be inherited by them. It is governed by the Hindu succession act, 1956.
2. The liability of all members except kata is limited to the extent of there shares.
3. The control of the family business lies with the Karta. He takes all the decision and is authorised to manage the business.
4. The business continues after the death of the Karta as the next eldest member takes up the position of Karta, leaving the business stable.


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