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Dear student,
The body may be framed as follows:
I am pleased to tell you that my birthday is in two weeks. I have been giving serious thought to what I want to do this year to celebrate my birthday. I have lately been moved by the underprivileged children that I have been seeing on the streets. So, I have decided that I would like to share my joy with a few underprivileged children. For this reason, my parents contacted an orphanage near my house named 'Nanhi Kali'. The plan as of now is to go there in the morning around 11 a.m, socialise with the children there and play some team building games with them. We also have an idea of screening the movie 'Hiccki' there as I think it will be a good influence on the children. We will be hosting lunch for the children there and then return home. I hope you are able to join me and my family in this truly joyous celebration of my birthday.
Yours lovingly,


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