Please its request Troject work a creative and colourful with pictures ot . St...kespoar.tlnciudtng the to Ilowing) Early life heatrical car/"' 4. Quotes 5.Play 6.SonnetS 7. Poem 8.Conclusion 9. Biography Writing task - Write an article "Increasing social evils". 2. Write a daily activity diary. Listening task 1. Listen any five headlines from English news channel and write their explanation. 2. Watch "Black" movie and summarize the movie inyour own words. 3. What do you learn from this movie? Speaking task Prepare yourself to speak on the topic "Stop cruelty towards animals" for morning assembly after summer vacations. Reading task Complete page no. 97,101,191 and 192 of BBC.

Dear Student,

It is not clear as to which question you want to be answered.
However, here are a few points on the topic 'Stop cruelty towards animals' that will help you frame your speech:
  • Animal abuse or neglect is subjecting animals to torture and pain for reasons other than self-defence.
  • The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 lays down legalities to prevent the animals from being harmed by humans.
  • Cruelty to the animals is increasing due to declining compassion. Such behaviour includes inflicting physical pain, neglect towards animals and even killing them.
  • Strong punishments and hefty fines should be levied on people involved in such acts.

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