Please make a poster ( word limit 50 )

Please make a poster ( word limit 50 ) 3. As Secretary of an 'Old Age Home,' draft a poster to make an appeal to the public to donate money and other essentials of life to provide better facilitate to the helpless senior citizens dodged in the Horne. making

Dear student,
Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- A poster usually has a catchy picture:  in this case, the picture or silhouette of a person bent with age and holding a walking stick could be effective.

 - It should have a tag line or a catchy slogan. It could be based on the topic of old age home:
1. They raised us, now it's our turn!
2. Look after the elders: they are the world's wisdom.

- A poster has a good balance of pictures and text: the text should concentrate on what you want donated, asking people to be generous, mentioning cash and cheque donations are tax-free, etc.
- Use attractive and colourful pictures to attract attention.



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