Please make them as an inversion sentence, beginning with the negative words in the parentheses.

Dear Student
  1. Only after arriving at the hospital did Mr. Robert Thorn know that his son had died at birth.
  2. Never had he imagined that his baby would die.
  3. Rarely do priests offer orphans as surrogate children.
  4. Not only did Mr. Thorn accept the offer but also decided not to tell his wife what happened.
  5. On no occasion did Mr. Thorn share the secret with his wife.
  6. Seldom do this sort of adoptions happen in real life.
  7. Little did Mr. Thorn know about the baby's mother.
  8. Not until he saw the baby, had he decided to keep the baby.
  9. Never again would Mrs. Thorn be able to bear another child.

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