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​​​​2. ​​​ Surat city served as an important medieval port on the west coast of Indian sub continent. It was a gateway of trade during the Mughal period i.e., Surat was the gateway for trade with West Asia via the Gulf of Ormuz. It was also known as the gate for Mecca as many pilgrims take their ships to Mecca from here. Surat was a port town and hence was a gateway for trade with West Asia. Many ships sailing for Mecca sailed from Surat. This city was also famous for textiles for their gold lace borders, and there were many cotton textile shops which attracted people.

4. Artisans , merchant, workers, traders,priests live in black town established by European trader within new cities like Bombay , Calcutta And madras. The “blacks” or native traders and craftspersons were confined here while the “white” rulers occupied the superior residencies.
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