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The correct option is (3) i.e. the given stage is submerged plant. The stage which comes before this is phytoplankton. 
a. In the initial stage, phytoplanktons began to multiply in the pond water and they quickly become the pioneer colonizers. 
b. The free-floating angiosperms replace the small phytoplanktons.
c. The free-floating angiosperms are then replaced by rooted, submerged hydrophytes like Hydrilla, Potamogeton, Vallisneria, etc.
d. After, the species of Cyperaceae and Gramineae such as Carex, Juncus, etc colonize the area. They form mat-like vegetation with the help of their branched rhizomatous system. 
e. In the final stage, the species of shrubs and a variety of trees become dominant and forms the climax community. 

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