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Dear student. Respected chairperson, honorable judges and my dear friends .. I hitesh stand before you to express my views for the motion " aggression and sledging are essential in sports" . As my learned opponent has said aggression and sledging are not ethical in sports but I completely disagree on this.. In my point of View aggression and sledging Is an art in which opponent loose their confidence and simply play Into the hands of sledger . It wlll act as better strategy for sports- man. My cheerful friends I am not only the supporter of aggression and sledging, there are many sportsmen who are in favour of these practices. According to Michael Clarke aggression is best weapon in Battle ground of cricket. My opponent has said that showing aggression in field is reflection of that sportsman image. I regret that My fellow opponent has only said dark side of anger but worthy judges It is not true aggression leads to self evaluation and self motivation when It does not cross it's line.. It act as tonic to player but the thin line between violence and aggression should not be cross by players. I wholeheartdly support sledging as means of self booster. It tarnish opp -nent confidence and that is what sledger wants.. Sports should always Judge with team spirit and some intelligence of player. And in my view sledging is an element of intelligence Regards

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