Please reply these...

Please reply these... 7. Form questions and answers using the words and phrases given below. Place ; the correct articles before the words. Follow the example. —Ie longestriver ! mostbeautifulbuilding I vacat • newspaper t apple France I lastdayofschool first dayoftheweek I Anita on the tree? Yes. it is an

Dear Student.
  1. Which is the longest river? Answer: The longest river is Nile.
  2. What is lying on that table? Answer: It is a newspaper.
  3. Which tree is this? Answer: This is an apple tree.
  4. What day of the week it is? Answer: It is the first day of the week.
  5. Isn't it the most beautiful building in the city? Answer: Yes it is.
  6. Which country are you from? Answer: I am from France.
  7. What is your name? Answer: My name is Anita.
  8. When is the last day of school? Answer: It is on Tuesday.
  9. You are going to which place for vacation? Answer: I am going to Vienna.
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