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Dear student,

1. I will be punished.
2. the teacher will scold me.
3. I will feel tired.
4. I will have deficiency of some vitamins and minerals.
5. I will not be completely healthy
6. I will feel well rested in the morning
7. I will get exhausted
8. they will like me.


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1.i will not be able to understand the topic  
2.i will be punished 
3.i will not be able to weak up early in the morning 
4.i will not be healthy
5.i will be weak.
6.i can wake up early
7.i will get tiered 
8. everyone  will be good to me 
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  1.  will be punished by the teacher.
  2. teacher will make me stand outside the class.
  3. I wouldn't be able to go to school.
  4. I would be sick.
  5. I wouldn't be strong.
  6. I would be active  in the class tomorrow
  7. I wouldn't answer the question which teacher will ask.
  8.  everyone would like me.
hope this anwer is helpful
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