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The correct answers are given below-
   Main Clause
1. We left the stadium.
2. You can get the tickets.
3. I was late.
4. We were late.
5. The baby will wake up.
6. No one knows.
7. He is taking such a long time in the store.
8. I was listening to music.
9. Did you notice the girl?
10. The puppy got inside the basket.

  Subordinate Clause
1. Before it started to rain.
2. While we wait here.
3. Because I got lost on the way.
4. Although we left early.
5. If you talk loudly.
6. Where they have gone.
7. I wonder why.
8. When Raghu called.
9. Who was wearing a red dress?
10. As it wanted to sleep.


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