please send fast tommorow is my paper

please send fast tommorow is my paper Design a poster mentioning some Of the exam tips that vou think your friends should can use the Riven expressions or other useful ones that you can think of. Don't forget or a drawing to the poster. PLAN NOW TO AVOID THIS R's a good idea to Remember to „ One suggestion is to Don't forget to Always make sure that 't helps a Jot to EKhange the poster you have made with your partner's in class and score yourselves on a Ot05.

Dear Student,

Write and learn, as much as possible.

It’s a good idea to revise your lessons at least once before the exam.
Remember to make notes while reading the chapters.
One suggestion is to make placards for important pointers.
Don’t forget to take breaks between study sessions.
Always make sure that you have enough stationery supplies for the exam.
It helps a lot to remain calm and just believe in your hard work, hours before the exam.

Kindly attempt designing the poster on your own with the help of these expressions. In case of a query, please write to us. You can also send us your answers for correction.

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