Please send me the critical appreciation of the poems The road not taken and the wind

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- The poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ is about free will and making choices, and eventually the consequences. When faced with multiple choices, we are often in a dilemma and our decision has a far-reaching result in our lives.

One day as the poet is travelling alone, he comes across a fork in the road. As the road diverges, he stands and contemplates which path to take: he can choose only one. He decides to take the path which is less worn out and leave the other path for another day. He realises he may not be able to come back. But, he consoles himself by thinking he will come to the other path later. After many years, he looks back at his choice of following the path less travelled by and realises that has made all the difference in his life. Whether the poet is happy about his choice or regrets it, is left ambiguous: he sighs! Whether it is a sigh of relief or regret is for the reader to decide.

The poem tells us that the choices we make will have an everlasting impact on our lives: we must do so prudently.

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Metaphor 5he whole poem is a metaphor
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