Please sir help me

Please sir help me Which of the following is correct order of dipole moment of the following ? o (1) II > Ill (2) I = II = Ill (3) Ill > II > I (4) I > Ill > II O o

Dear Student…
Compare the dipole moment of the following:
 O nitrophenol
O dichlorobenzene
 O xylene
o-dichlorobenzene  should  have  the  highest  dipole  moment  since  the  angle
will be acute but in o-nitrophenol it will be obtuse. And o-xylene should have the least since the
dipole  strength  would  be  lesser  as  compared  to  others  but  surprisingly  the  order  is: 

Dipole Moment is as follows:
O -nitrophenol  (3.01D)  >  o dichlorobenzene  (2.67D)  >  o  xylene  (0.64D) 
Hence option 1 is correct answer

Because  dipole  is  pointed  from  less  electronegative  atom  to  more  electronegative.  So  due  to
NO2's -R effect it will be from carbon to nitrogen, but due to +R effect of phenol it will be from
oxygen to carbon.
 Hope it is clear

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