Please slove question 23

Please slove question 23 for half an hour when it suddenly star : 19. Did you think you me somewhere before ? (have Seen, had'séen, were : 20. The town its appearance completely sinc%t980. (is changing, changed, her case, look. (packed, has Bacied, had packed) : 21. Sheila Negombo, Beruwela and Nilaveli. (visited was : . When I was in Sri Lanka, I 23.' I meant to repair the radio, but time to today (am not having, my dinner I went to bed. (M, have had, had had) When I 1ish wars up to now, but maybe they will find a way in thefuture, : 25. Men t never aged, will have never managed) IChapter26 THE FUTURE 234. There are several ways of talking about the future in English: the Simple Future T Simple Present Tense, etc. Simple Future Tense 235. "Itie Simple Future Tense is used to talk about things which we cannot control. It I shall be twenty next Saturday. It will be Diwali in a week. We will know our exam results in May. 236. We use this tense to talk about what we think or believe will happen in the futu I think Pakistan will win the match. e.' a first clas&

I meant to repair the radio, but haven't had time to do it today.

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I think havent had is the right answer
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