Please slove question 24

Please slove question 24 ill hate spoken shall'vv"J have spoken will have spoken You Will have been speaking He Will have been speaking He shall/will have been speaking They will have been speaking J.' EXERCiSé1N GRAMMAR- 4' -y. in the following sentences and name their Moods and Tenses. ' Wit the Verbs l. menvernowsunder the bridge. 16. - I am hoping to get a holiday soon. 4. all night. ft-c 5. hær,he has passed all right. J Mdfihished when he came. *takes but little pride in his work. I have been living here for months. Be pod, sweet maid. *1is time to morrow I shall have reached my home. t time we left. Etoldme that he had finished the work. forgive you ! Z waiting for you in the compound. pipe that song again. NTRODUCTION 19. 'l shall have plenty of time tomorrow. 20. Though this be madness, yet there is method in itse 21. The king had never before led his troops in battle. 22. If he was guilty. his punishment was too light. 23. We have heard a strange story. 24. e travellers, all of whom had seen the chameleon, could not agree about its colour. 25. Beware lest something worse should happen to you. 26. The ripened. 27. I "h my brother were h 28. She would rather we aye&tilKomorrow.

had seen (verb) - past perfect
agree - indicative mood

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sry i dont knw
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verb - had seen 
tense-past perfect 
verb -could not agree
tense-simple past
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