Please solve 11(i)

Please solve 11(i) 11. (iii) cu. j 01 any point in ohmic resistor isindirection Ofelectricfieki Éatthat AVCMCNt•2 : A charge when reloaned trom rest in a region having only electrostatic feed always (A) Statement • i' True. Statement-2 is Statement-2 is a correct expianation fcy Statement-I Statoment• true. Statement-2 is True. Statement-2 is NOT a correct explanation tor eaternent-l (C) Statement. 1 is Statement-2 is False (O) Statement-I iS Statement-2 is True: PART-IV : TRUE FALSE State true and false : Electrons •n a conductor have no (notion in the absence of a potential difference across it. in an electrolyte solution. the electric current is mainly due to the movement of free electrons. A steady Current is flowing in a Cylindrical conductor. There is an electric field inside the conductor Ov) An ammeter with internal resistance 90 ohm reads 1.85Awhen connected in a circuit containing a battery and two resistors 700 Ohm and 410 Ohm in series. The actual current will be 1.85 A. (without using ammeter). PART-V : FILL IN THE BLANKS Fill in the blanks : An electric bulb rated tor 500 watts at 100 volts is used in a circuit having a 200 volts supply. The R that must be put in series with the bulb. so that the bulb delivers 500 watts is Ohms, [1987; 2M] The equivalent resistance between points A and B of the circuit given below is Q. In the circuit shown below. each battery is 5 V and has an internal resistance Of 0.2 ohm. (1997; 2Ml The reading in the ideal voltmeter V is V. 10 A A current gives a full scale deflection in a galvanometer Of IQ resistance. TO measure 5 V of the galvanometer. IREE-199 is connected in this galvanometer. a resistance of

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