Please solve 31

Please solve 31 electron moves witn a Ans. 01705 metre. mv2 R B q We have, Bqv — R 9-1 X 10-31 K 3 x 107 10-3 x 1-6 x 10-19 31. An electron having energy 200 eV describes a circle in a magnetic field of induction 4 x 10-2 weber/rn2. calculate (a) radius of the circle and (2) frequency of the revolution. 10-2 metre; (b) ll•3X IOS HZ. An alpha particle of energy 2 MeV moves on a circular path in a magnetic field. Calculate the energy of a proton so that it may also descnbe a circular path of same radius in the same field. Ans. 2MeV.

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