Please solve 37

Please solve 37 Radius of [hc circular path described by deuteron 2m 40 cm. 3 S. An alpha particle and a deuteron enter vrrpendicuiarly into a magnetic field. If they have same speed, then what is the ratio of the radius of circular path traced by them ? Ans. I 36. An electron is moving on a circular path in a magnetic field with time period T. Calculate its time period if it rotates in the same field in a circular path of radius triple of the first radius. Ans. T: (Time does not depend uvx»n the radius of the circular path). 37. Colnpare the ratio Of the specific charge of an particle and a deuteron. Ans. I : l. . An electron moving with velocity 4/3 x 101 m/sec passes through a parallel plate condenser. The distance between the two plates is 005 ...A is O I metre Ifthe electric field t*tweenthe plates

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