Please solve 8c(ii)

Please solve 8c(ii) AD BC. D is of W, SO BD In figure AABC is with AB AC sin C tan C — cot B. (2) at B. Givm that ZAC-B Side AB 2 and side BC t unit. find value of (3' AD is to BD • 15 (i) calculate the lengths of AD, AB, DC and AC. (2) (a) Draw AD perpendicular to BC, then BD DC = 3 cm and AD 4 cm.

Dear Student,
sinB=45,tanC=1,BD=15 cm cosB=25-165=35AD=DCtan2B-1cos2B=-1LHS=sin2Bcos2B-1cos2B=452-1352=-99=-1hence proved .Regards

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