Please solve all four .

Please solve all four . B and ( ' on a for nine ending lie m end V and stoned on 201 S Calculate Interest on Of Mr Ior months ending March. 'f he withdrev. p TII Q. Interest on druuings he has "ithdraun on 1st 2015 and of interest on draßings If hc has A ithdra•.sn on Isi October. 2015 and rate Of interest on drawings is 45

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A.26 A90,000×9100×512=3,375A.26 B90,000×9100×412=2,700A.26 C90,000×9100×4.512=3,037.50 or 3,038A.27 (i)60,000×8100×612=2,400A.27 (ii)60,000×8100=4,800

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