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QC. Change the following imperative sentence into reported speech :

      1. 'Let the management take a decision.' said Heena.

      2. 'Let us go to Agra this weekend.' said Neera to her father.

      3. 'Meet me at the club in ten minutes.' said Rohit to his friend.

      4. The constable said to the stranger,'Show me your identity card.'

      5.'Don't fire until I give you the order,'said the sergeant to the troop.

      6. 'You should see the doctor at once.' Atul said to me.

      7. His mother told him, 'Before you go to school do your homework, iron your uniform and polish your shoes.'

      8. 'Let the children pick up those bits of paper .' said the teacher.

      9. 'Don't wet the wound.' said his father.

     10. The old man said to him, 'Forget the past and turn over a new leaf.'

     11. The manager told his colleague.'Let us find a solution to this problem.'

     12. 'Would you mind waiting for a minute ?' I said.

     13. 'Why don't you take a short cut to the market?' I said.

     14. The officer told the clerk, 'Complete it today itself.'

     15. 'Let him find his own way,'Gita told her mother.

     16. Jatin said to David,'Don't get upset.'

     17. Anita said, 'Kavita, lock the door.'

     18. Sanjana told Ketan, 'Let's go to Agra.'

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.
  1. Heena proposed that the management should take a decision.
  2. Neera proposed to her father that they should go to Agra that weekend.
  3. Rohit asked his friend to meet him at the club in ten minutes.
  4. The constable asked the stranger to show him his identity card.
  5. The Sergeant ordered the troop not to fire until he gave them the order.
  6. Atul told me that I should meet the doctor at once.
  7. His mother told him to do his homework, iron his uniform and polish his shoes before he went to school.
  8. The teacher proposed that the children should pick up the bits of paper.
  9. The father advised him not to wet the wound.
  10. The old man asked him to forget the past and to turn over a new leaf.
  11. The manager told his colleague that they should find a solution to that problem.
  12. I asked him if he minded waiting for a moment.
  13. I asked him why he couldn't take a short cut to the market.
  14. The officer commanded the clerk to complete it that day itself.
  15. Gita told her mother that he should find his own way.
  16. Jatin asked David not to get upset.
  17. Anita asked Kavita to lock the door.
  18. Sanjana proposed to Ketan that they should go to Agra.
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Henna said let us go the management to take a decision
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