Please solve d1,2

Please solve d1,2 3. 4. 3. D. The response of plants to gravity is known as geotropism. How are plant parts sensitive to gravity ? Describe with the help of a diagram. What is meant by positive and negative tropic movements in plants ? Explain them by giving suitable examples. With the help of an experirnent, prove that roots are more positively hydrotropic than geotropic. STRUCTURED/APPLICATION/SKILL TYPE I. The tea plants are never allowed to grow lengthwise. This is done by cutting their apical buds, a process known as pruning. In this way, tea plants get a dense growth and easy yield. Answer the following questions : (a) Name the scientific phenomenon that is being overcome by pruning. (b) What plant hormone is responsible for the scientific phenomenon mentioned in (a). (c) Name one plant hormone which inhibits the said phenomenon. 2. The figure given below shows the stages of ripening in a banana. Answer the questions that follow

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