Please.. solve & explain in very brief.

Please.. solve & explain in very brief. In the reaction, 2S02 • 02 2S03 when 1 mole of SOZ and I mole of 02 are made to react to completion (2) (3) (4) All the oxygen will be consumed I .0 mole of S03 will be produced OS mole of S02 is remained All of these

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The reaction is given as:

2SO2 + O2  2SO3
From the reaction, we can see that 2 moles of SO2 react with 1 mole of Oto produce 2 moles of SO3.
Molar ratios are:
SO2 : O2 = 2:1SO2 : SO3 = 2:2 = 1:1O2 : SO3 = 1:2Now, it is given that one mole of SO2 and one mole of O2 are present.So, from the molar ratio, One mole of SO2 reacts with 12= 0.5 moles of O2Also, one mole of SO2 produces one mole of SO3

Thus, option (2) is the correct answer.

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