Please solve from 2007 I have exam

Dear student
The first question is answered below :

(i) A—Chloride,
(ii) B—Sulphide,
(iii) C—Nitrate,
(iv) D—Sulphite,
(v) E—Carbonate.

We know that AgCl. is a white precipitate, which is insoluble in nitric acid, so the salt A isAgCl, and the anion is Chloride.
We know that hydrogen sulphide is the gas which turns lead acetate paper black. so the salt B  hydrogen sulphide and anion is Sulphide.
We know that brown ring test is given by the NO3- anion.
Sulfur dioxide, turns acidified potassium dichromate paper  from orange to  green, so the anion is Sulphite.
Carbon dioxide gas turns lime water milky, so here than anion is Carbonate,

Please post remaining questions separately.


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