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​​​​​​In the Question 1.
Part (a) The joint in the image is an elbow joint.
Part (b) Labelling  A- Radius (Bone)  B- Humerus (Bone)  C-  Tricep Muscle  D- Bicep Tendon  E- Ulnar Collateral Ligament  
Part (c) The elbow joint shows a hinge movement. 

Question 2. 
Part (a)  Labelling A- Bicep Muscle B- Tricep Muscle  C- Humerus (Bone)
Part (b)  Labelling A- Parietal Bone B- Temporal Bone C- Maxilla  D- Teeth E- Mandible 
Part (c) Labelling  A- Femur Bone  B- Tibia Bone  C- Fibula Bone


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Solve the nothing parts of diagram
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Solve the both parts of diagram
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